RealGeni is an Automated PHP Real Estate Aggregator and Classifieds Search Engine powered by eBay API (EPN) and Google Maps API.

  • Earn affiliate commision by eBay Partner Network (EPN)
  • Dynamic Real Estate content
  • Auto-filled with thousands properties from eBay!
  • Support for US and Canada
  • Cool Google Maps with info markers
  • Full SEO Supported urls and XHTML/CSS templates
  • No database needed!

Multiple Real Estate property types

Turn your website into a complex real estate website. The script comes with many property types pre-defined. Commercial, Land, Manufactured Homes, Other Real Estate, Residential, Timeshares For Sale and many more…

Auto-filled with thousands of Homes instantly!

No big databases, no nightly spidering Real Estates websites, RealGeni is powered by eBay API  (eBay’s Partner Network) and is automatically filled and updated with thousands properties instantly!

Real Estate RSS Feeds

RealGeni supports RSS feeds. Visitors will be able to see the latest real estate feed, feeds for the property types, and search results. So they will get the latest estate feeds in their RSS Reader.

Get your own Mega Real Estate Site online in minutes and earn Money!

The script runs out of the box! Edit the config file, Change the Adsense-codes to earn money right away and upload the script to your server!

Furthermore the script is absolutely simple to use and tailored specifically for any webmaster to use, from the newbie to the professional and everyone else in between.

View RealGeni in Action!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I freely edit the scripts source-code?

Yes, only one file is encoded, but this is not preventing you to edit the layout and customization. All the customization and other functions are open-source.

Can I install scripts on more than 1 domain?

No. By purchasing our scripts you only get 1 domain license. The script will not work in other domains or sub-domains. If you want to install our scripts on more than 1 domain you will have to purchase additional licenses. Discounts are available for multiple license purchases. Please contact me for more information.

Can I purchase additional domain licences or bulk licenses?

Yes. You can purchase additional licenses any time you wish.

Can I remove the "Powered by" link from the footer?

Yes. You can upgrade your license to remove the "Powered by". The costs for this are 25$

I have made the payment, but I can't see download link

As stated in the shop, I prepare licenses per domain and need to do it manually. I also to check for fraudulent payments and un-authorized buyers. After that, in 12 hours, you will get the script to your PayPal email address or to the email address.

What kind of webhosting do I need to use ScriptGeni scripts?

Server Requirements:

* Mod_rewrite
* PHP 5
* 10 MB Webspace
* ionCube enabled server
* Linux/Unix
* Basic knowledge of HTML

ScriptGeni Refund Policy

All sales of ScriptGeni products are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase from ScriptGeni through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.

We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any defective scripts, software or other products purchased from us, within a period of 60 days from the date of sale. Support for technical problems is available on our Support Page for 1 year of the product.

ScriptGeni System Requirements

ScriptGeni Scripts are server-side scripts developed in PHP 5 - you will require Unix/Linux, IonCube loaders and Modrewrite module installed on your server (your host will provide this at no charge, if they have not already).